Sita Mani Temple

Sita Mata with Luv and Kush (twins)
Sita Mani is 80 km from the north of Varanasi. It is has a great significance. It is a great religious place. In Sita Mani, there is temple of Lord Sita . It has a historic myth from Ramayana that this is the place from where Lord Sita was gone back to earth. Besides being famous for Lord Sita, it is also a picnic place where you can

The Powers of Hanuman

The powers that Hanuman acquired through this process of his development gave him supernatural god-like powers. There are eight primary powers that are mentioned in the scriptures in relation to Hanuman. Those who have studied Kundalini Yoga, Gnosis, or Tantra will recognize these powers because these are the same powers that